Gifts for the Cook 2023 - Danielle Walker

  1. Cookbook CollectionA set of my four, New York Times bestselling cookbooks is the perfect gift for novice or experienced gluten-free cooks. And pssst, it’s currently on sale! 
  2. KitchenAidKitchenAid makes the gold standard in mixers. This steel blue color is so pretty I happily leave it out on my countertop. 
  3. Mini CuisinartI have a big food processor, but this little version is a chopping workhorse and I use it constantly; for sauces, salsas, to chop onions, you name it.  
  4. Food ChopperWhether it’s to make the job quicker, or to let little hands help, this food chopper is so helpful. Pop the veggies onto the surface of the cutting plate, press down and they land right in the bin.  
  5. Healthy in a Hurry Seasoning BlendsAlways organic, gluten-free, grain-free and with no additives or caking agents, this set of all nine of my seasoning blends are used on literally everything. From eggs, to all meats and fish, to veggies (ahem, Burnt Broccoli), and more. 
  6. Cast Iron Skillet Cast iron pans can last a lifetime…if you know how to care for them. Water only (no soap) to clean, and a stainless steel mesh scrubber to lift off stubbornly stuck pieces of food. Then a quick swipe of oil to hydrate it and your pan is back to nonstick and ready to use. 
  7. Wood Carving BoardWooden cutting boards are king for a reason. Plastic ones drag micro pieces through your food (yuck), so investing in one like this is a great idea and worth it over time. I like the edge on this one to catch meat juices for when you’re carving a roast or turkey. 
  8. Immersion BlenderA lot more versatile than you think, this immersion blender can be used to make soup, tomato sauce, salsa, hummus, whipped cream, pancake batter and more!
  9. Whipped Cream MakerYou can create dairy-free whipped cream as light and fluffy as the real thing with this magical device. It has multiple tips and is fridge and freezer-safe. 
  10. Knife SharpenerKnife sharpening can seem intimidating, but this set makes it super simple. You have interchangeable discs to create different sharpening angles and you can easily sharpen your whole set of knives in no time. 
  11. Dinner Napkins100% cotton and block-printed in India, this set of napkins is easy to use and care for. I love the rich blues, size (18×18), and lint-free absorbency. 
  12. Tea Towels – An inexpensive, 100% cotton set of two tea towels in festive, but neutral colors. At just $10, they’re perfect to buy for yourself or as a little hostess gift.







Gifts for the Cook 2023

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