Gifts for Stockings 2023 - Danielle Walker

  1. Holiday Recipe FlagsYou know I’m a sucker for all things holiday, so I love the cheer these recipe flags bring to the marking up of my cookbooks. 4 cute prints and 300 flags in total, currently for only $6! 
  2. Magnetic BookmarksFor the home cook whose cookbooks are flecked with tiny pieces of paper marking beloved recipes, these magnetic recipe day-of-the-week bookmarks are an awesome gift. 
  3. Set of Silicone StrawsI love these for gifting — you can divide the 10 straws and 4 carrying cases among a few stockings. They are BPA and BPS-free, made of food grade silicone, and come with a cleaning tool. 
  4. Momofuku Chili CrunchI love this addictive crunchy, chili and onion spiced condiment. A jar lasts a very long time, even when you’re like me and use it to top everything from eggs, to meats, to tacos. 
  5. Goop Lip BalmPacked with coconut oil and shea butter (without the yucky parabens or petroleum), this lip balm comes in clear as well as two wearable tints. 
  6. Non-Toxic Skincare SetI love this trio of skincare products — a gentle cleanser, a glycolic toner (great for exfoliation), and a hydrating moisturizer. All made of non-toxic ingredients and in small sizes perfect for travel. 
  7. Hello Toothpaste Tablets for TravelI think these toothpaste tablets are genius — who wants to bring a huge tube with them when they travel? Hello uses the cleanest ingredients like real peppermint and tea tree, and the tablets are gluten-free and vegan. 
  8. Single Serve Coffee French PressThis little disc expands to create a little reservoir where you add ground coffee, water, and voila, a perfect cup of coffee! I love this little gadget for camping or travel and your coffee-lover will too. 
  9. Set of 3 Moleskine Pocket JournalsThese come in an absolute rainbow of colors and are the perfect pocket and purse size. I like choosing a color for each member of the family so you can tell whose are whose. 
  10. Hu Kitchen Chocolate Bar SamplerI love this brand and their clean, yet decadent chocolate. This sampler pack has five different bars and I’m hoping one lands in my stocking this year! 







Gifts for Stockings 2023

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