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When you’re going through something awful and tragic, it’s impossible to imagine the good parts that will come. You can’t see the resilience you’re building, the faith that you’re constructing, or the wrestling that turns into confident hope someday. But that’s how life works, especially when we choose to lean towards God during those difficult seasons.

Maybe you’re going through one of those difficult moments right now. If not, perhaps you’ll find yourself there at some point in the future. Regardless, we know how helpful it can be to hear someone else’s journey of pain, loss, and recovery, and how it can spur on hope inside of us. That’s why we wanted to hear about bestselling cookbook author Danielle Walker’s life.

@daniellewalker is a New York Times bestselling author (Against All Grain, Meals Made Simple, Celebrations, Eat What You Love, Food Saved Me) health advocate and self-trained chef. After being diagnosed with an autoimmune disease at age 22 and suffering for many years, Danielle found health through dietary and lifestyle changes. Inspired by her own health journey, Danielle shares her gluten-free recipes on her blog as a beacon of hope for others.

Listen in wherever you enjoy podcasts and check out her new book, Food Saved Me: My Journey of Finding Health and Hope through the Power of Food.

We flew to Hawaii to join our best friends for a little couples getaway celebrating 10 years of marriage for them, and a birthday for Ry. I wasn’t planning on bringing work along but was behind on edits for my next book so I threw them in my carryon (350 pg!), and edited the entire thing while we were there. It rained 80% of our trip and it was so cozy 🥰 I was also reminded while reading through it just how much my faith, my career, my relationship with Ryan, and apparently my recipes too all have been greatly influenced by this peaceful island. We got home last night and it was shipped off to the publisher this morning for the final round of edits before going to print!

Ryan calls my vacations Tastecations. I can’t disagree.
The @maunalaniauberge was so accommodating for gluten, dairy and even grain-free eating!

Squeezing in all of the Christmas movies this weekend.

TJ’s gluten-free haul! Clearly, the chicken was a sad discovery 🤣 Don’t worry, Ryan took one for the team and ate it on salads.

Wherever you are – support your local bookstores and shop local if you’re able! Bay Area friends – @rakestrawbooks has a stack of signed copies of Food Saved Me!

Peppermint ice cream during the holidays was one of my favorite things that my mom bought as a special treat growing up. We’d search the grocery store every November waiting for it to hit the freezer shelves.

This version is dairy-free and free of refined sugar and food dyes!

Ps there’s also a killer Peppermint Ice Cream Brownie Cake over there too!

My go-to post work out smoothie!
I don’t measure though so here’s the basics 🤗
Frozen Pineapple
Frozen Spinach
Frozen Banana
Frozen Blueberries
Ground Flax
Almond Butter
Lemon Juice
Vanilla Collagen


Danielle’s Digest: Week of December 13th


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