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🚨 NEW recipe! Well kind of. Never before published on the internets ☺️
I am sharing another exclusive recipe from my cookbook Against all Grain – Mango Mule! My brother Joel created the cocktails and mocktails in that book, and we had so much fun shooting them!

This recipe for a paleo-friendly Mango Mule is easy to make and only lightly sweetened with honey syrup, so you won’t have to worry about added sugars and preservatives. The mango gives it that sweet spring and summer flavor mixed with a little bit of spice from the ginger beer and a slight tartness from the lime juice, making it the perfect tropical drink for a warm day!

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Tap here for the full recipe!

Officially rocking and rolling on dwcookbook5 !! And I’m thrilled to be back working the dream team who helped me create Eat What You Love Book – @aubriepick and @mrsmochi – and our prop stylist from Celebrations Cookbook – @glennjenkins !!

Over the next month, I’ll be on set in SF for 12 days shooting 100+ recipes, then we’ll do 3 at my home! This book has 12 chapters and was written to make eating healthy easy, and delicious. From sheet pan, to freezer, to one pot, to instant pot/slow cooker, and everything in between – the recipes in this book were created to be healing, beautiful, approachable, and fast. I can’t wait for you to have it in your hands next fall ‘22!

Follow along in my stories this week and next for all the behind-the-scenes!

This is the face of a tired, very grateful person with a super full heart.

Day 3 of 15 just wrapped and as I took a walk during our lunch break in a quiet San Francisco park listening to a podcast about food on @jenhatmaker ‘a For The Love Podcast, @joannagaines said something about it being such a privilege to get to be a small part of people’s lives by being in their kitchen and becoming part of their traditions with their loved ones.

I’ve felt that very same sentiment since my first cookbook came out in 2013 and I started seeing photos of my recipes being made in your kitchens, and began receiving notes and emails how those recipes gave you back something that you thought you’d lost forever. And especially when Celebrations came out and you all trusted me enough to cook big celebratory or holiday meals from my recipes to share with your family and friends.

In 2019, there were a few days where we weren’t entirely sure I’d ever walk out of that hospital. And for every day during that nearly 3 week stay, I wasn’t sure that if I did walk out, I’d ever be able to write another cookbook or continue doing the job I loved. For many reasons more than just my frailty.

But as we shoot this cookbook that I wrote during all of 2020, and watch the food come life on the screen with all its vibrant colors and healing properties, I’m just so grateful I get to do what I love again.
And after such a long time ill, then a year of near isolation, I’m beyond thankful to be on set allowing the creative juices to come back to life with two fantastic, inspiring moms who run their own businesses. Both of whom traveled all the way to my house for 3 weeks just over 3 years ago to shoot Eat What You Love so I could be close to Kez and nurse between shots.

Feeling so so filled. That’s all 🥰

weekend celebrations! 🥰

love having fresh flowers on my counter 💐

cookbook #5 is coming so soon!!

Lunchtime walks in San Francisco 🌱



Danielle’s Digest: Week of April 19th


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